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While it's true that mediation enters a life in some of the most sensitive ways and times, we have been blessed to have a number of our clients sing our praises. Here is a small sample of the issues we've handled over the years. If you'd like to know more, please contact us today and see how we may help you!


Teresa guided me through the most challenging time in my life. She navigated me through an extremely high conflict divorce which had domestic violence, drug abuse, and child custody issues.


Throughout this process Teresa provided a reassuring and stable strategy, that was successful and provided me with a final outcome that I had wanted.


Teresa¹s decades of experience provided with a perspective that provided an accurate assessment of my divorce and the eventual outcome. I trusted Teresa completely through this process and it served me well.


- S.,
Culver City, CA


Teresa helped me settle my case for more than I ever expected and the insurance company was happy to pay me.


I am a construction defect litigation lawyer and have been a lawyer for more than 25 years. Teresa was patient and courteous with everyone involved in my case.


She was someone in whom I confided and she was easy to trust. She was very creative with settlement options and with explaining solutions in my case.


Most importantly, her fees were fair.



- L.,
Long Beach, CA

To have the privilege of working with a professional who has your best interest in mind all while keeping both parties in agreement and focused on what the outcome may be if we did not communicate and make an effort to get past our differences, has been priceless.


Teresa was able to turn my case completely around after 2 previous attorneys dug a grave that I believed I was not going to be able to get out of. I felt broken and helpless. With her legal expertise and tenacity we were able to find that most of the opposing counsel’s allegations and threats were incorrect, outdated, and held no power in the courtroom. Teresa was able to stand up for me and did not allow the opposing counsel to continue to bully me. She was strong in her conviction. Teresa always returned calls and emails in the evening. However, when she was not in court during the day or with clients, she would make time to go over things personally if needed, until I understood exactly what was going on and I was comfortable. Never did I feel she was unprepared when we appeared in court.


Teresa gave me back the confidence I had lost, the belief that what I wanted for my daughter was realistic and she helped me make peace with the legal process by understanding it better. I recall a moment when she sat my former partner and I at the courthouse, and just spoke to us. She was so tactful as she took the focus off of the blame and instead guided us on a solution focused thought process that helped us come to an agreement on that morning without even having to fight or stand before the judge and allow him to make the final decision and take the power of resolution from us.


All in all, I believe that Teresa’s extensive legal experience, legal knowledge, her work ethic, and her desire to assist others will continue to shine in any capacity that she decides to put her energy into. I cannot feel more blessed to have been able to work with such a caring, hard working and dedicated woman and I know that she will continue to help shape other’s lives for the better, as long as they are ready. I know I was!

- A.B..,
Long Beach, CA



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