"GOING TO COURT IS NOT THE ONLY WAY..." -- Supervising Judge of the Family Law Division, L

The Supervising Judge of Los Angeles County Family Law courts is now sending a letter to everyone who files a family law case that asks him or her to consider "having a neutral third party help both sides negotiate a solution (mediation) . . . ." The Supervising Judge says that finding "solutions that are mutually acceptable may be preferable for several reasons: 1) You will directly participate in finding solutions, 2) You may be able to resolve your dispute sooner, 3) It may be much less expensive, 4) You may end the process with a better relationship with the other party, 5) You will likely find it less stressful than court hearings." This is exactly what I have written about in prior blogs and explained on my website. Even the Judges and courts expressly and directly encourage people to use mediation.

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