The Speed of Mediation

If you decide against mediation and go to trial in a courtroom, your case can take about 2 years or more to finish. Why so long ? The court system is over-crowded. There are too few courts, not enough judges and not enough courtroom staff. Most courtrooms can give a case only a few minutes of attention because of over-crowding and under-staffing. If a case takes longer than a few minutes, that case is often continued for months at a time, until those months turn into years, and people have forgotten why they went to court in the first place or they have to re-educate themselves about the issues before starting over - - at great economic expense - - because so much time passes between hearing dates.

In mediation, you decide your case on your own schedule and time table. You can mediate on a Saturday, Sunday and evenings. You can mediate on consecutive days or an entire day. The time is yours to decide. There will be no one else competing for the floor or attention when deciding the important issues in your life.

In my experience as a litigator for 30+ years, the average case took about 2 years to complete and often cost over $100,000. This is money that my clients could have kept for themselves if they had mediated rather than litigated. You can avoid this delay and expense. I have mediated complex cases for the price of less than $10,000 and it has taken as little as 10 hours of time.

Call for a consultation to discuss the time it takes to mediate a case and receive a free analysis about the speed and efficiency of mediation versus the time-consuming litigation that takes place in a courtroom. The number is (562) 305-2056.

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