The Price of Mediation

If you decide against mediation and choose to go to court, you may find as many as 40 cases on calendar that the judge has to decide that day. This means that you will have about 5 minutes to present your entire case from start to finish before the next case has to be called and decided, if you consider averages. Do you want your future decided in 5 minutes? Will you be the last case of the day waiting in court for hours and paying an attorney thousands of dollars to just sit in the courtroom until your case is called? Do you think that every judge has time to read every document presented to him or her for consideration? Have you ever seen a judge tell an attorney "Tell me what your case is about counsel"? Do you think that judge was just being nice or that maybe the judge was not afforded enough time by the over-crowded court system to read everything that was up for decision that day.

In mediation, you will have as much time as you desire to present your case and as much time to educate the other side about how you see things. Your future will not be decided in 5 minutes but it will be decided when you, and all those interested, are ready to decide it.

Mediation is a dignified and respectful process that intelligent people are using more and more to resolve their differences; for one, because it is less expensive than litigation in a courtroom or settlement conferences between lawyers. Secondly, it is a more dignified and respectful process. Mediation is a cutting-edge alternative to garden-variety litigation. You create your own private place to carry out a respectful and dignified experience of conflict resolution.

Call for a consultation to discuss mediation fees and receive a free analysis about the cost of mediation versus the cost of litigation, lawyers, judges and courtrooms. The number is (562) 305-2056.

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