How To Pick A Mediator

Anyone can call themselves a "mediator" because no one has to take a test or receive a certificate or license to mediate. How can you tell the difference between a good mediator and an average or below-average mediator? Look for and ask for proof of detailed experience in the field, certificates and degrees in related fields and a resume or curriculum vitae.

Would you want someone to help you make medical decisions if they had no medical background? Would you want someone helping you make decisions about construction of a home or office if they had no construction background? Would you want someone to help you make decisions about how to fix your car if they had no automotive experience? Why would you pick a mediator who had no professional experience in the filed of your dispute or in a courtroom.

Before you decide who will be your mediator, ask for his or her resume and read it to see about his or her professional experience and education in relation to your issues and your case. Ask your prospective mediators for their certification and credentials. Ask the prospective mediators what sets them apart from their local competitors in the field. The answers should come easily and quickly but if you are not able to find an experienced mediator who can provide you with the names and phone numbers of satisfied and happy clients from their testimonial list or client list, then doubt should guide your decision.

It's often the case that we think the less expensive choice is the better choice, but that is not the case in mediation because there are so many issues and areas that do not appear evident to the untrained eye. There is is so much at stake with regard to things that do not apparently require attention. The unknown traps can be devastating. The long-term expense of paying less now can be astronomical and is undetected to the untrained eye.

Call for a consultation, free analysis and comparison between local mediators of your choice. The number is (562) 305-2056.

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