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Mediation Services 

Life conflicts are inevitable.


While most can be resolved between participants, sometimes a third party is needed to keep the peace, and, to effectively communicate perspectives. Mediation can often be used to keep parties out of a courtroom but effectively representing someone or refereeing disputes means more than just having a license to practice law or a certificate to mediate. It requires decades of experience with the system,  an interest in human nature and it requires the wisdom that comes with having someone who sees beyond what other's see. Someone you can trust on your side. 

Divorce Mediation

- Child Custody Proceedings

- Visitation Compromises

- Allocation & Division of Assets


Relationship Mediation

- Assessment & Evaluation

- Internal Conflicts & Disagreements

- Financial Counciling

- Infidelity Issues

- Marital Conflicts

Real Estate & Landlord/Tenant Mediation

- Real Property Disputes

- Lease Terminations, Evictions
- Property Billing Issues
- Harrassment, Landlord/Tenant​

Civil Conflicts Mediation

- Business/Insurance/Consumer 

- Settlement strategies

- Contracts and negotiations
- Reasonable/Unreasonable Expectations
- Harrassment, Staff and Students
- Provide resources for school staff​

Articles & Resources

Peer Mediation in Schools

Divorce Proceedings

Rental Disputes

Parental Conflicts

Contract Disputes

Litigation Services 

Litigation is about taking your issues into a courtroom to have them decided by a judge or jury or both.  I present your facts to a judicial officer in most cases. I find the law that best applies to your facts. I prepare your case to win. My litigation experience as a criminal prosecutor and the litigation experience I gained while completing  thousands of trials before judges and juries is the best foundation for prevailing in a courtroom.  I work to settle your case but if that does not happen you do not lose a thing  We move into the litigation arena in an intelligent, efficient and compassionate manner.  

If your case ends up in court, my decade's of experience and wisdom will make the difference.  Read about me in the "About" tab in this website and compare my credentials with others you may be interested in retaining to represent you.  Take a few minutes and call me to personally speak with me about your case.  If we cannot speak on your first call, I will call you back. If you need to talk or meet during non-business hours, I do my best to accommodate you, not the other way around. 


 I have represented thousands - that's right, thousands - of satisfied clients.  

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