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Real Property or Rental Mediation

Life conflicts are inevitable.


While most can be resolved between participants, sometimes a third party is needed to keep the peace, and an effective mediation can often be used to keep parties out of a courtroom. Effectively refereeing disputes means more than just being neutral and hearing both sides.

What Benefits Can Real Property Mediation Provide?


The ownership and occupancy of property is something very close to “home” and heart for most people.


Where you live and what you own is one of the more important decisions and experiences in life. Whether you are an owner, buyer, member of a homeowner’s association, a homeowner’s association, renter or other person with interest in real property, and if you are encountering a situation with discord regarding the real property, we can help you find common ground with the other persons involved.


Renting to someone or from someone often presents unexpected problems. When these problems cannot be handled between you and your landlord or tenant, it’s a better idea to come together in a professional environment and reach an agreement on what it will take to put the conflict behind you.


These disputes can pop up over many different issues including contracts to purchase and sell real property, lease agreements, tenant rights, responsibility for repairs to the property, rent, eviction and more. However, in most situations, lawyers and court time should be the last choice for resolving these concerns.


There are several helpful hints that can be useful in Real Estate, or landlord/tenant disputes to help avoid litigation


  • Study all leases or contracts carefully and be advised of your legal rights and responsibilities according to federal, state and local laws.
  • If there is a problem on either side, make sure to notify the other party immediately and be open, honest, and detailed in all your dealings
  • Be sure to make hard copies and notes of all correspondence regarding any problems with the property or the tenancy. 

Even if there may be goodwill and an eagerness to communicate, there may be additional factors that require an mediator's view and input; complicated contracts, local by-laws, CCRs, heated discussions and dissatisfaction with what you own/rent, and to whom or from whom you rent. We can help you find that common-ground for both parties in mediation; a superior alternative to legal battles that last forever, cost too much and leave relationships and reputations damaged from the process.


We can provide a safe and professional environment to explore the issues, provide all with a platform to express their interests and find solutions to your problems so that you can place conflict behind you.





Issues Mediation
May Resolve:

Problems Between



Landord & Tenant

Maintenance Performance Issues

Wrongful Eviction Notices

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