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Civil Conflicts Mediation

Life conflicts are inevitable.


While most can be resolved between participants, sometimes a third party is needed to keep the peace, and an effective mediation can often be used to keep parties out of a courtroom. Effectively refereeing disputes means more than just being neutral and hearing both sides.

What Benefits Can Civil Conflicts Mediation Provide?

  • Recognition and Understanding. When people feel they are being heard and have the opportunity to hear and understand the other party’s point of view, the chance for an amicable resolution is heightened.

  • Self-Empowerment.  People sometimes feel powerless when facing a bureacracy of dealing with a business or corporation. When encountering an event, process,  product or service that doesn't meet or exceed expectations, or where concerns are not addressed  – mediation offers the platform to express how to resolve the conflict.
  • At the same time, a business faced with a hostile consumer may feel that a stronger tactic may need to be deployed to address a concern or issue. Mediation allows a more human touch to the generally-faceless interaction between consumer and business.
  • Timeliness and Speed. Mediation can take place quickly and within a short period of time (often just a few hours). In contrast, a formal complaint such as a class-action suit filed with a regulatory agency or court can take years to resolve with costly legal bills and decreased award/judgement.
  • Cost Effective. Mediation is cost effective not only financially but also in human capital and time. Mediator fees are a fraction of the costs of the legal fees associated with a protracted conflict and litigation.
  • Whether in business for yourself or engaging in a business transaction with others, you may encounter dissatisfaction.  You can take it as a loss and walk away, but doing so too often eats away at your bottom line, at your reputation, and keeps you up at night.
  • Reputation Management, Before a Catastrophe! In mediation, business owners often learn how to improve their business practices, strengthen their reputation on social media, and improve the bottom line. Consumers won’t feel cheated and disadvantaged because they will explain their side of the story while all parties will be heard by a neutral professional. We will provide answers and information which you may not have considered, along with proposals for agreements. We will draft your agreement so that you know what to expect in your win-win situation.

Issues Mediation
May Resolve:

Accusations of Fraud,

Bad Faith


Consumer & Corp.

Poor Service




Reputation Management

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