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This attorney-mediator's experience, confidence and rapport created the space for dignity, respect and resolution.


       "Intelligent, expedient,                     compassionate mediation                                services"


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Where Would Mediation Work?

Career &
Interpersonal Conflict
Divorce &
Pre-Divorce Events

Divorce is never easy, nor is the road leading there.


In many cases, expensive bills and delays in proceedings can be avoided with skilled mediation or representation. I  can help you navigate the issues and remove uncertanty in process.

Civil Conflicts

In general, people are meant to get along and do harm to no one else. But, sometimes, accidents and misunderstandings happen. 

We can help you work through this when conflict arises.

Workplace stressors such as internal and external harassment, issues with Human Resources, or simply not seeing eye-to-eye can be daunting.


We help all parties come to an amicable agreement.

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